And so our comics meet the public...


This past year my friends and I created science comics to engage students and their families in STEM. We debated for some time about dissemination and access, as our goal was to make this resource widely accessible to all. This weekend we were invited to share our work, including two science comics, and a science-themed coloring book, at a monthly STEM-based outreach event, “Saturday Science”. Saturday Science is held in the Discovery building at UW-Madison and attracts children of all ages and their families to participate in interactive exploration stations centered around specific themes in STEM. 

Many children and their families engaged with us and our work, asked many insightful questions and hopefully left with a greater interest in science. With this being our first time broadly sharing our work with the public we were pleased that it was so well received! Some students meticulously read the content and completed the incorporated word searches with a friend; while others unleashed their creative sides and whimsically colored the coloring book pages, bringing the science to life. Parents even got in on the action, completing the crosswords and assisting their children with the content. It was incredibly rewarding to see that our contribution made an impact on the families that participated in this event. It was even more rewarding to see the students “seeing” themselves as scientist as they filled the “Meet the Scientist” page with beautifully diverse skin tones.

We are thrilled to continue to produce content and keep children engaged in STEM education. Our next projects are focused on the gut microbiota and microbes from the ocean. We are also doing a special issue for MLK day. Stay tuned for more!

-Kelly, Jaye, Khoa