And so we honor black scientists.

Wow! It's already February 28. I can't believe that the month has gone by so quickly -- time sure does fly when you're making comics! If you have been following our Black History Month series, you've taken note of the outstanding black women and men in STEM who have made tremendous impacts in their respective fields. From the basic sciences to nuclear physics, black scholars have resiliently displayed their brilliance and ability, often when met with great opposition. Despite delayed or minimal recognition for their many contributions, black scholars remain a valuable asset to STEM fields and beyond, and we were honored to highlight those whose work has inspired us so deeply and has validated our positioning in the STEM community. 

Although today is the official "last day" of BHM we will continue to honor and acknowledge the wealth of knowledge and creation that has been birthed by the black community. Our series was a mere taste of what black scholars have contributed to STEM, so we encourage you to research more beyond this month and uncover more hidden and masked scientific figures. We're sure you'll be quite delighted with what you learn! (If you find something interesting that you’d like to share, please do comment below, we’d love to learn alongside you)

So here's to the outstanding figures who don't make it into our text but have gotten us to the moon and back and to those who weren't allowed a seat at the table. We value you!

Happy Black History Month, friends —  thank you for engaging with us!

Ps. March kicks off our women’s history month series! We will be honoring women who have taken STEM by storm, and highlighting quite a few #actuallivingscientist. Stay tuned to our social accounts for more!

-Kelly, Khoa and Jaye