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What is Gaining STEAM?

Gaining STEAM! Illuminating Science Through Art is a collaborative initiative between JKX Comics, story engineer Holly Kerby, and local artists, Rush Dhillon, Hallie Funk, and Amy Moy. Recently, Gaining STEAM ranked number one and garnered substantial financial support from the UW-Madison Art Business Competition. This competition fosters new thinking and innovative ideas to support student led art education projects at UW. 

JKX members, Khoa Tran and Bayleigh Benner presenting Gaining STEAM! during the Arts Business Competition at UW Madison. Photos Courtesy of Mary Ladoni


The intent of Gaining STEAM! is two-fold:

1. To teach scientists how to convey their research through compelling stories. 

2. To engage the community seeking to build their scientific capacity.

In order to effectively execute this project, we need amazing scientists like you to participate! Your participation in Gaining STEAM would allow you to improve your communication skills when presenting to both expert and non-expert audiences, deepen your engagement with scientific outreachshowcase your research to the Madison, WI community and collaborate with our passionate team of scientific communicators to produce your own scientific comic. 

Why partner with JKX Comics?

Since 2015, JKX Comics, has worked to inform, inspire, and integrate our roles as scientists and public citizens through the creation of scientific comics.


We believe that while everyone does not pursue science as a career, everyone can appreciate the importance and beauty of science. However, accessibility still remains an issue. Both in terms of where to find original research (e.g. paywalled journals) and the terminology used (e.g. jargon), current research is not accessible to a non-scientific audience.

Part of the issue is that while communicating these discoveries to non-scientists is imperative, it is not trivial. Largely, researchers lack the training to effectively articulate their research to community members; leaving the public at a disadvantage regarding informed decision making. Moreover, much of the community is unaware of the foundational aspects of basic research or what it entails. Our comics break down these barriers by providing an inviting medium to engage the masses while simultaneously relaying complex ideas. 

Apply below, to be considered as a participating scientist and to contribute to our exciting initiative to make science both fun and accessible for all populations!