Science Shorts

Brief comics detailing historical figures and integral players who directly or indirectly contributed to advancing STEM research,  as well as other fun scientific facts!


A total solar eclipse occurs approximately once every 18 months on average, and is visible at various locations on the Earth. The last eclipse that was visible across the continental US occurred on August 21st 2017.

A huge MYTH about sharks is that they will die if they stop swimming! Sharks do not have to continuously swim to breathe or to stay alive. In fact, many shark species can use two processes to obtain oxygen directly from the surrounding ocean water. These processes are called buccal pumping and ram ventilation. During buccal pumping sharks use their cheek muscles to filter water into their mouths and over their gills. During ram ventilation, sharks rapidly swim and actively force water into their mouths for processing. Many modern sharks are believed to use ram ventilation only, though some have still been caught resting on the ocean floor! Scientist are still learning how these sharks adjust to low oxygen conditions.