Women in STEM


Lisette Titre-Montgomery is a video game developer and a fierce advocate for STEAM education! Safe to say she's a real life game changer. 

Maryam Mirzakhani is a mathematics professor at Stanford University who studies Teichmüller theory, hyperbolic geometry, ergodic theory, and symplectic geometry. Mirzakhani is the recipient of many prestigious mathematics awards, including the Fields medal — math’s most prestigious honor. Mirzakhani was the first woman to be awarded the Field’s medal

Nobel Laureate Elizabeth Blackburn is a pioneer in telomere biology. Organisms store their genetic information in DNA molecules, which are packaged into chromosomes. At the tips of each chromosome you will find a telomere capping it. This telomere “cap” protects the chromosome and the genetic material that it carries from damage and shortening. This cap is incredibly important for cell division -- to ensure all of our genetic information is completely copied. Blackburn was the first to discover the DNA sequence of telomeres as well as the enzyme that synthesizes telomere DNA, called telomerase. 
Three cheers for telomeres and our resilient DNA! 

Dr. Thomai Dion, also known as "TD the science mom", is a pharmacist by training, though, she wears many hats, including mother, educator, author, and business strategist. TD expresses her passion for STEM education through her childrens book series  "Think-A-Lot-Tots" -- a collection of science text for children covering topics from cellular to neuronal biology.


Dr. Green is a medical physicist who uses lasers and optics to treat cancer. Her development, called particle target laser therapy, is used to treat solid tumors by targeting the tumor's cells with light activated nanoparticles.